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Zcash ported to FreeBSD (1)

1 Name: QueenJane!yvG2OyT8B.!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-05-30 17:00 ID:2d+X9dsS [Del]

Last week as I was trying to get Komodo to run on FreeBSD (it keeps crashing), I ported Zcash to it to see if it was a Komodo problem or a FreeBSD problem. It's a Komodo problem :-(

Anyway, source to my rough port is posted on as always and ZcashCo has actually pulled in my stuff and cleaned up the nasty bits to merge it (the rust build, I cheated), so it got upstreamed with a quickness for once!

Even though my commits didn't get pulled in so str4d gets all the credit...dat MIT license tho, cuts both ways

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