Run Bitcoin, Pirate, Monero, Komodo and Pivx on your own Nodl

Got my new rock64 board's sd card!!! (2)

1 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-23 21:25 ID:KBudAlbU [Del]

and it is a fast one!!!

This board runs plenty fast with a good micro sd card to be able to run several privacy chains at once, it can easily handle komodo and multiple asset chains like Pirate ($ARRR) in addition to Monero, PIVX or Zcash at the same time

Now we just need to see about getting some custom cases fabbed so we can sell little Pirate's Chest nodes!

2 Name: GishyFuts : 2019-03-28 05:35 ID:F8OhZ7Ir [Del]

You already posted the Nodl amazon version. I like this one too.

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