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Got Monero and PIVX to build on RISC-V (1)

1 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-18 14:10 ID:0ejPKFe2 [Del]

Didn't have to do an actual port, just give them the right, unholy, very long incantations to configure and friends. I wasn't sure how to do that with cmake in the case of PIVX for one thing so I removed 10 characters from the cmake equivalent of a makefile (which is actually called by a real Makefile, ugh) and make it go.

Anyway binaries that I built on my HiFive Unleashed board on Debian Sid on on my person site linked when you click my name for any of the 5 freaks on the planet who want to run them.
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