HRTiversary (1)

1 Name: QueenJane!yvG2OyT8B.!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-07-23 21:14 ID:qu9SPD1M [Del]

It's July 23, 2019, and a year ago today is when I started hormone replacement therapy. I've been much better feeling the last year!

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Porting frustrations (1)

1 Name: QueenJane!yvG2OyT8B.!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-07-03 17:00 ID:CXulKo23 [Del]

I'm going a little crazy trying to port Komodo to FreeBSD on and off. The latest attempt to port the 0.4.0a update builds up until some of the final linking stages and then it can't find symbols it very much should be able to.

Over in the Verus universe I'm working with the Verus community to port it to ARM v8 and we get a build, but it crashes weirdly with an ASN pointer free bug. fml @bascule is right, ASN is of the devil.

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Veil Foundation Board Member (1)

1 Name: QueenJane!yvG2OyT8B.!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-06-16 22:30 ID:Rovd1R3t [Del]

Yes you heard that right, I'm being all grown up and am on the board of the Veil ($VEIL) Foundation's Board, as of very recently.

We don't have a website yet for me to point you at but I'll post it in this thread when we do!

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SevenSeas GUI released!!!! (1)

1 Name: QueenJane!yvG2OyT8B.!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-06-16 22:26 ID:nrxD0HSD [Del]

So we finally got a good Windows and Linux version of the SevenSeas gui wallet out for Pirate, with bundled komodo and startup script for Pirate daemons for them!

Link on my website as usual!

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Zcash ported to FreeBSD (1)

1 Name: QueenJane!yvG2OyT8B.!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-05-30 17:00 ID:2d+X9dsS [Del]

Last week as I was trying to get Komodo to run on FreeBSD (it keeps crashing), I ported Zcash to it to see if it was a Komodo problem or a FreeBSD problem. It's a Komodo problem :-(

Anyway, source to my rough port is posted on as always and ZcashCo has actually pulled in my stuff and cleaned up the nasty bits to merge it (the rust build, I cheated), so it got upstreamed with a quickness for once!

Even though my commits didn't get pulled in so str4d gets all the credit...dat MIT license tho, cuts both ways

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Grin v1.0.3 for ARM v8 build posted (1)

1 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-04-30 21:21 ID:b8eUx6sT [Del]

Yes, I am on a full on kick doing builds for ARM v8 of privacy coins that don't have official ones. Just posted Grin v1.0.3 to

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Zcoin ARM v8 build posted (1)

1 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-04-29 00:24 ID:wrB9aGgn [Del]

I know the zerocoin protocol had a fatal flaw found just the other day, but nobody had ever built Zcoin ($XZC) on ARM before, so while waiting for an Amazon delivery I did just that and posted binaries at the usual spot on just to be able to say "first", as is my way :-)

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two new exchange listings for $ARRR!!!!! (1)

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Chips v3 for armbian binaries available for download (1)

1 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-04-25 01:41 ID:x1QgGiF1 [Del]

I got Chips ($CHIPS) v3 to build on aarch64/ARM v8!

Binaries are posted on as always :-)

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light wallet progress for pirate (1)

1 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-04-19 14:03 ID:XMYpkXVU [Del]

Yesterday I got the missing bits of code needed in komodo for eventual private transaction light wallet support for Pirate and other komodo platform asset chains, aka zSPV.

We're now looking for an Android coder to help with the front end! If that's you post here or email me at or hit us up on the PirateChain discord which is linked from the main site at

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#pirate-guru channel on freenode irc (4)

1 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-18 14:23 ID:M74d+RJb [Del]

Also when I happen to be paying attention to it I am @radix42 on the freenode irc system and am the operator of the #pirate-guru channel over there too.

The deeply lazy can get to it on the web at this link

2 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-18 14:23 ID:M74d+RJb [Del]

for all or none of your pirate and komodo support needs, depending!

3 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-18 17:14 ID:M74d+RJb [Del]

and yes I have a paid subscription with IRC Cloud so I'm always on that channel, whether I'm actually conscious and online in reality or not

4 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-04-11 01:50 ID:M74d+RJb [Del]

Don't forget I'm on IRC too! :-)

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XMR - KMD - ZEC - PIVX and other ports to Nodl (2)

1 Name: FishyGuts : 2019-04-10 21:42 ID:5wDMl6eS [Del]

We need a repository to link on twitter stat!
Raise the anchor and drop the main sail scallywags!

2 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-04-10 21:46 ID:yJGvstIy [Del]

yes we gotta post guides, I know, I know, I'm only doing like 5 things at once, my busted ass can only do so much at a time Cap'n!!

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Command line tips for Pirate users (8)

1 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-18 00:02 ID:b8XgND/Q [Del]

I like to setup nice aliases when I use pirate or other komodo asset chains on linux machines or macs (hell, I use bash shells on Windows too!)

Say your username is djm and you built komodo in your home directory, this is handy:
alias pirate='/home/djm/komodo/src/komodo-cli -ac_name=PIRATE'

I also go ahead and add that to my .profile file, which you should create if it doesn't exist.

Another good one of course is:
alias pirated='/home/djm/komodo/src/komodod -ac_name=PIRATE -ac_supply=0 -ac_reward=25600000000 -ac_halving=77777 -ac_private=1 -addnode= -daemon=1 -server=1 -showmetrics=0'

As always, adjust that path to point to where you have komodo installed!

Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

2 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-18 00:56 ID:b8XgND/Q [Del]

This way you can do stuff like just "pirate stop" or "pirate z_sendmany ...." and all the rest of that icky command, from wherever you are in the filesystem.

3 Name: mrlynch : 2019-03-18 11:25 ID:mQBOBuGV [Del]

alias for pirate would be

alias pirate='/home/djm/komodo/src/komodo-cli -ac_name=PIRATE'


4 Name: mrlynch : 2019-03-18 11:26 ID:mQBOBuGV [Del]

great post. really helpful for n00bs that might want to switch from gui

thanks for your hard work. you should also put the donation address in here somewhere :D

5 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-18 11:46 ID:b8XgND/Q [Del]

thanks mrlynch, I was fookin tired when I posted that!

If you click my username you get my homepage with donation addresses, but I take your meaning, I should put it in headers or footer or some shit eh

6 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-19 00:47 ID:b8XgND/Q [Del]

I edited history to make the OP correct, because I can, but left the comments since then there for the record. :-)

7 Name: QueenJane!yvG2OyT8B.!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-04-02 20:20 ID:b8XgND/Q [Del]

I put these aliases in a file at

I you wget that url onto a system and then run:
cat pirate-profile >> .profile
and then logout and back into that account, you'll have 'em, no fuss no muss

8 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-04-02 20:22 ID:b8XgND/Q [Del]

oh noses it looks like i switched IDs there again

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No news day open thread (9)

1 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-21 18:35 ID:5hXueh4s [Del]

Not up to anything much today, mostly just waiting, so talk about whatever if anyone shows up here!

Waiting for my damned mouth to heal since I'm getting dentures in a few months so I had what few rotted teeth I had left pulled a week ago.

Waiting on a new board and case to test out making pre-built Pirate and Komodo nodes to sell.

Waiting on people to get some stuff done on other projects so I can do stuff on them.

So, just a lot of fucken waiting and not doing much of anything and damn does my lack of teeth hurt and its time for more pain killers.

Jane out

2 Name: GishyFuts : 2019-03-21 18:51 ID:3m5bU6pX [Del]

Slowness here - Need to get Wage work done, then it's off to send out the referral promotion!

Can I send this out, it it secure and safe?
I pissed off some XVG devs this morning. I would hate for them to try and mess with us and somehow accidentally fork the site :P

3 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-21 19:16 ID:5hXueh4s [Del]

this is a nice chaotic place, no images, just text

i have ban and delete buttons its all good lol

4 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-21 19:17 ID:5hXueh4s [Del]

Only rule is nothing illegal and don't piss me off :-)

5 Name: GishyFuts : 2019-03-21 19:37 ID:3m5bU6pX [Del]

Can we get this to autoplay in the background when people visit?

6 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-21 19:44 ID:5hXueh4s [Del]

that would be very MySpace of us, wouldn't it, lol?

7 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-23 01:34 ID:5hXueh4s [Del]

Got the new Rock64 board and power supply for it, waiting for the cases and more importantly to testing, the micro sd card for it...I can't do a damned thing without any storage!!!!

8 Name: GishyFuts : 2019-03-28 05:36 ID:3m5bU6pX [Del]

Need moar microsd?

This box would be cool with RFID

9 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-30 02:55 ID:5hXueh4s [Del]

I found a page of Rock64 cases, I gotta dig it out of the chat scrollback, we can make one Pirate chest themed it'll be so cool
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Komodo for ARM v8!!! (5)

1 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-17 22:18 ID:gZxHZ5k0 [Del]

So we got Komodo, and hence PirateChain/$ARRR and all other asset chains, updated for ARM v8/aarch64 systems running linux the other day!!

They run on Armbian systems, like the excellent nodl that I am running (thanks to Cap'n Fishy!) and lots of other ones that are in a Raspberry Pi like form factor, such as the excellent Rock64.

Binaries with SHA-256 hashes and source are linked from my personal site.

Have run lads!

2 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-17 22:22 ID:gZxHZ5k0 [Del]

oh it should also run just fine on Debian (it was built on Debian Jessie, lol) and Ubuntu (armbian is based on Ubuntu, lol)

3 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-18 12:38 ID:gZxHZ5k0 [Del]

BTW that Rock64 is only like US $45 with 4 gigs ram which is plenty to run komodo and pirate on at the same time, so these are not expensive boards to run your own full nodes with, and are compatible with raspberry pi cases for good measure.

4 Name: GishyFuts : 2019-03-29 21:59 ID:UpVavTJL [Del]

So are we ready to do this this weekend? Or is it still being put together? I have my nodl now.

5 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-29 23:24 ID:gZxHZ5k0 [Del]

I'll be snowed in this weekend so might as well do it then
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First post!!! (21)

1 Name: QueenJane : 2019-03-17 20:31 ID:0PjC6CXl [Del]

This is your guru the Pirate Queen Jane of $ARRR coming at you old school on a message board like the god's intended!

No corporate BS and TOS (aside from what I say goes!)

Now go to it you scurvy dogs!

2 Name: Anonymous : 2019-03-17 20:34 ID:mOCFcHHG [Del]

Fear is the mind-killer

3 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-17 20:57 ID:YKujJf3M [Del]


I must not fear
fear is the mind killer
fear is the little death
that brings total obliteration

I will face my fear
I will allow it to pass over me
and through me
and when it has gone past
I will turn the inner eye
to see its path

where the fear has gone
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4 Name: Anonymous : 2019-03-17 21:43 ID:s20sX2PW [Del]

is this thing on?

5 Name: mrlynch : 2019-03-17 21:59 ID:3KFrixrH [Del]

Yarrr! it's on ma' queen

6 Name: QueenJane!yvG2OyT8B.!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-17 21:59 ID:YKujJf3M [Del]

Yup its on!

7 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-17 22:02 ID:YKujJf3M [Del]

Now if I can manage to always use the same tripcode that'd be good

8 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-17 22:04 ID:YKujJf3M [Del]

Nice change from Discord, ain't it, mylynch?

9 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-17 22:05 ID:YKujJf3M [Del]

Mr Lynch that is

10 Post deleted by user.

11 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-17 22:20 ID:YKujJf3M [Del]

of course it is...thread #2 tho is actually technical

12 Name: mrlynch : 2019-03-18 11:23 ID:r6kgN/9e [Del]

a nice change.. back to the old ways :))

13 Name: Anonymous : 2019-03-18 12:20 ID:15BM2hKE [Del]


14 Name: Anonymous : 2019-03-18 12:20 ID:15BM2hKE [Del]


15 Name: Anonymous : 2019-03-18 12:21 ID:15BM2hKE [Del]

Everyone can delete Posts?

16 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-18 12:55 ID:YKujJf3M [Del]

I dunno, can they?

17 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-18 12:56 ID:YKujJf3M [Del]

lol of course not, only your own silly goose

18 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-18 23:50 ID:YKujJf3M [Del]

unless you are me and I'm all up in the admin interface then that's another story but I think you knew that already

19 Name: GishyFuts : 2019-03-21 18:49 ID:zqPf1U4I [Del]

Promises not to delete posts.

20 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-21 19:45 ID:YKujJf3M [Del]

its ok fishy you can only delete your own, I'm the only admin

21 Name: GishyFuts : 2019-03-29 21:58 ID:zqPf1U4I [Del]

What if I want to delete Lynch posts. Can I?

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working on reproducible builds (5)

1 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-27 23:00 ID:2B7NdVkd [Del]

today is being about reproducible builds for Monero.....once those are squared away we'll see about getting them for Komodo, that would be very nice to have!

2 Name: GishyFuts : 2019-03-28 05:34 ID:i8/LKkFU [Del]

I saw you posting about it. How did the progress go today?

3 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-29 20:25 ID:2B7NdVkd [Del]

opened my first pull request for Monero, now comes the "but why?" explaining it part *long sigh*

4 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-29 20:27 ID:2B7NdVkd [Del]

I forgot my allergy meds this morning and its SPRINGTIME here in Colorado now and I am deeply regretting that error, and my sinuses are inflated to about a million PSI, so my collaborator on this and i are gonna dive into the github issue on it.....later, as neither of us is up to giving a clinic on reproducible builds right at the moment, lol

5 Name: GishyFuts : 2019-03-29 21:58 ID:i8/LKkFU [Del]

DO the glasses help or hurt with the allergies?
I remember when I got glasses the first time OMG.
SO that's the story of my first divorce...


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Got my new rock64 board's sd card!!! (2)

1 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-23 21:25 ID:KBudAlbU [Del]

and it is a fast one!!!

This board runs plenty fast with a good micro sd card to be able to run several privacy chains at once, it can easily handle komodo and multiple asset chains like Pirate ($ARRR) in addition to Monero, PIVX or Zcash at the same time

Now we just need to see about getting some custom cases fabbed so we can sell little Pirate's Chest nodes!

2 Name: GishyFuts : 2019-03-28 05:35 ID:F8OhZ7Ir [Del]

You already posted the Nodl amazon version. I like this one too.

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Got Monero and PIVX to build on RISC-V (1)

1 Name: QueenJane!UP3irR3drU!!zWE2W7xA : 2019-03-18 14:10 ID:0ejPKFe2 [Del]

Didn't have to do an actual port, just give them the right, unholy, very long incantations to configure and friends. I wasn't sure how to do that with cmake in the case of PIVX for one thing so I removed 10 characters from the cmake equivalent of a makefile (which is actually called by a real Makefile, ugh) and make it go.

Anyway binaries that I built on my HiFive Unleashed board on Debian Sid on on my person site linked when you click my name for any of the 5 freaks on the planet who want to run them.
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